HyunA: “People Have Told Me I Act Too Sexy For My Age”

On the latest broadcast of MBCSection TV Celebrity News“, HyunA mentioned how her appearance on PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” music video gave her some recognition overseas, and because of that, her new music video “Ice Cream” now boasts over 23 million views. 

HyunA also gave some tips on how to master her trademark pelvic dance, “Just because it’s called the pelvic dance does not mean that only your pelvic strength has to be there. You also need to strengthen your inner thighs.”

She also opened up about some of her personal struggles, “People have always told me that I give off too sexy of an image for my age. It was hard to hear at first, but now it doesn’t bother me because I view it as a skill only I have.”

 She joked, “I heard that only recently my parents started to brag about their daughter’s accomplishments to their friends and that annoyed me.”