Baek Ji Young Has No Problem Dating Younger Men

Singer Baek Ji Young recently shared her thoughts on women dating younger men.On the latest broadcast of “Come to Play: Truman Show“, Baek Ji Young made a guest appearance and shared a bit about her love life.

The topic was brought up when Kim Eung Soo asked Baek Ji Young, “I have heard rumors that you have many younger men pursuing you,” to which Baek Ji Young answered carefully, “I think those rumors exist only because I share a stage with many younger artists. Actually, I come from a family where the wife is older than her husband. My father is five years younger than my mother.”

She went on, “Since I always knew this fact as a child, I never feared or considered it strange for me to be romantically involved with a younger man.” She also shared a bit about her relationship with Jung Suk Won who is 9 years her junior, “Jung Suk Won is actually very close to my ideal type, whereas I am not Jung Suk Won’s ideal type. I think I was only able to meet Jung Suk Won because of my prayers for the past several years.”

On the show it was also revealed that celebrity guest Park Jae Bum was only 2 years apart in age from Jung Suk, to which Baek Ji Young joked with, “I am so relieved that Jung Suk Won looks much older than his actual age. I think he would look even more distinguished if he did not take such good care of his skin all the time too.”