Lee Byung Heon Humiliated By PSY?

Recently on an online community website page, a picture titled “Lee Byung Heon and PSY in London” was uploaded.

In the picture, there were actor Lee Byung Heon and singer PSY who had met up for a meal on November 11 while they were staying in London for their individual work. Yet while both of them were unanimously famous, PSY was the only one who was at the center of the picture while the actor was in the back, thus making it seem like he was just another bypasser.

As Lee Byung Heon is more popular than PSY in Korea, this picture made the netizens smile. Viewing this image, netizens wrote, “I can’t believe such an embarrassment happened to Lee Byung Heon,” “PSY’s popularity will never die out,” “PSY and Lee Byung Heon were close friends. Didn’t know that,” and “London must be crazy about Gangnam Style as well.”