Nichkhun’s Poster for 2PM’s “What Time Is It?” Concert Revealed

Group 2PM’s member Nichkhun returns.

On November 11, Nichkhun’s agency JYP Entertainment released his poster for 2PM’s upcoming concert in China that will begin on November 17. In the poster is Nichkhun looking charismatic and very masculine.

2PM’s tour “What time is it?” will start in China and will continue to the neighboring countries including Indonesia.

JYP Entertainment recently stated, “Nichkhun’s concept has been upgraded; he will be showing off his calmer yet stronger and sexier charisma. We hope you enjoy our concert; it will be bigger and better than last year.”

Fans who saw this poster and heard the news replied, “Glad to hear Nichkhun is returning,” “Nichkhun looks even more handsome,” “I’ve been waiting for his comeback for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Nichkhun has been inactive since July 2012 due to his drunk driving incident.