Dal Shabet’s Comic Performance at a Market

Girl group Dal Shabet performed their new album song in the middle of the Ga-Rak market.

On November 12, a second teaser for Dal Shabet’s new song “Have, Don’t Have” was released on an online portal site and Youtube. This song is receiving special attention due to the participation of the hip hop duo Jungtuk and the Cheerful Men.

In the teaser are Dal Shabet members performing to their new song with special appearance from Jungtuk and the Cheerful Men. It is especially comical because they look serious in their flashy stage outfits but are in front of a street market.

The entire second half of the song was released in this teaser. The addictive and exciting beat was enough to intrigue many of the listeners.

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet’s new album will be released on November 13.