JYJ’s Jae Joong Successfully Wraps Up Fan Meeting Tour in Vietnam

JYJ‘s Kim Jae Joong finished up his grand “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” in Vietnam on November 10. He first started “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” on October 20 in Nanjing, China and continued his fan meetings in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Throughout the tour, he entertained approximately 17,500 fans in person.

When he got to Vietnam for the grand finale of the fan meeting tour on November 9, there were about 1,000 fans waiting to greet him at the airport. Fans and reporters gathered at the airport and press conference to see Kim Jae Joong. A local representative of the event explained, “The entire Vietnam is turned upside down. Literally, everyone in Ho Chi Minh City knows where Kim Jae Joong is because of a big crowd that’s moving with him.”

Kim Jae Joong hosted a fan meeting for 3,500 fans in Saigong Exhibition & Convention Center on November 10. When he appeared on stage singing “I Will Protect You” from “Protect the Boss,” fans couldn’t contain their excitement. They greeted the singer with loud cheers. Kim Jae Joong thanked his fans, “I’ve had so much fun and enjoyed every bit of each and every place I’ve visited as a part of this fan meeting tour. My fans never fail to cheer me up. I haven’t been back to Vietnam in a while and am very very thankful to be so welcomed. I will never forget about this.” 

A representative from Kim Jae Joong’s “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” also commented, “Kim Jae Joong’s popularity overseas is amazing. He really established himself once again in Asia through his fan meeting tour this time around.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong starred in upcoming film “Jackal Is Coming.”