“I-JinYo” and “I-MitSa” Cafes Formed after IU & Eunhyuk’s Selca Scandal

After the IU/Eunhyuk selca scandal erupted, an “I-JinYo” web cafe as well as an “I-MitSa” cafe have been created.

On November 10, IU tweeted a mysterious photo of herself and Eunhyuk, sitting close together in her pajamas. This photo sparked a rapidly spreading controversy around the two young artists.

“I-JinYo” seems to be a spin-off from all the other “JinYo” cafes (TaJinYo for Tablo, T-JinYo for T-ara) and stands for “We Demand The Truth From IU.” The creators of the cafe stated, “We created this cafe to ask for the truth behind IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk’s dating rumor.”

They continued, “We don’t want the truth for simply if they are dating or not. We want the truth behind the pajamas/shirtless selca and the rumors of living together,” and “This is not a place to say bad things about IU. We emphasize that this cafe was created just to demand the truth”

On the contrary, an “I-MitSa” cafe was created. “I-MitSa” stands for “People Who Believe in IU.” This cafe was created to protect IU and Eunhyuk from baseless and false rumors.

Creators of “I-MitSa” stated, “We want to protect not only IU but also Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who is also being harmed from this incidient.” This cafe is posting rebuttals of all the rumors of the two artists that are circulating the web right now.

“I-MitSa” also said, “After this incident comes to an end, we will either delete this cafe or turn this cafe into another ‘MitSa’ cafe for a different celebrity who is suffering from false rumors.”

Meanwhile, LOEN Entertainment released an official statement after the photo was released by saying that Eunhyuk went to visit an ill IU during the summer and that the photo was taken on the sofa. Netizens are fiercely and actively discussing this scandal to this day.

Screenshot of “I-JinYo” cafe



Screenshot of “I-MitSa” cafe