Netizens Form “Ah-Jin-Yo” and Demand the Truth from IU about Her Relationship with Eunhyuk

During the past weekend, IU was swept up in a scandal after she tweeted a photo of herself looking rather intimate with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. While LOEN Entertainment assured the public that the two were nothing more than close colleagues, many fans were shocked and angry at the news.

Over the past couple of days, netizens saw an online café called Ah-Jin-Yo (We Demand the Truth from IU) gain presence on Naver, Korea’s biggest search portal. It already has over 1,500 members. On the front page of Ah-Jin-Yo, there is a post stating that the group was formed to uncover the truth about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship. The group also demanded a true explanation on IU’s clothing, she was spotted in pajamas, as well as why Eunhyuk appeared to be shirtless in the photo. They also questioned whether they were living together.

One moderator wrote, “This is not an anti-café formed to insult and curse IU. We want to stress that this café was made to ask IU to state the truth.”

This online group was formed in August, originally set up to reveal the truth behind IU and Eunhyuk’s dating rumors. What’s interesting is that there are currently six different online communities all with the same name Ah-Jin-Yo and all with the same purpose.

Looks like netizens won’t let IU off the hook for a while.