1N2D’s Joo Won: “My Ex Broke Up With Me Via Text”

Actor Joo Won, who’s known for his roles in drama hits “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo,” “Ojakyo Brothers,” and “Gaksital,” opened up about his love life.

He appeared on the recent recording of KBS’s “Win Win,” which is MCed by none other than fellow “1 Night and 2 Days” team member Kim Seung Woo. Joo Won revealed, “I’m the type to express myself a lot so I would say ‘I love you’ often.”

He went on, “Maybe it’s because my girlfriend got sick of that part of me, but she broke up with me by text message.” He also confessed, “If there’s a girl that I like, I’m the type to watch her for a long time. I’ve dated 2 girls in my life.”

It’s been revealed that he shed some tears during his segment on the show. His episode will be broadcasted on November 13 at 11:20pm (KST).