Interview with 4Minute’s HyunA Part 1: “You Think I’m Sexy? I Have Other Charms Too”

HyunA, from girl group 4minute, had a chance to sit down for an interview with Yonhap News at KBS’s “Music Bank” dressing room.

HyunA shared, “I think it’s because of PSY that my recent music video received so many views. Also, it’s not just me, but K-Pop as a whole benefited from his achievements.”

# You’re Sexy
“I tend to have a ‘strong’ sexy image on stage, but there’s another side to me. I usually wear slippers off stage and staff members nickname me as ‘aegyo’ girl. Nowadays, I have fun switching from cute to sexy. My stage presence is so different from me off stage.”

HyunA didn’t try to hide her flaws.

“I receive strength from netizen comments like ‘She can’t sing, but she’s trying,’ rather than ‘She couldn’t sing before, but she improved now.’ Rather than trying to see me through rose-colored glasses, it’s better that I am criticized for what I did wrong so I can improve every time I stand on stage.”

# Greed for Global Popularity?
“I do have eyes on the global market, but don’t want to be hasty. PSY oppa paved the way for other artists, but I’m afraid that I’ll ruin his work if I go unprepared. It’s better if I practice more before advancing. I also need to practice my English if I want to freely communicate in America.”

“It’s really cool to see PSY oppa in a new ad whenever I turn on the TV, ‘Gangnam Style’ being played every couple streets and his picture plastered all over the place. I saw his ‘horse dance’ picture on an American french fries bag and thought, ‘Oh, this isn’t just little popularity. He’s really hit it big.'”