PSY on “The Jonathan Ross Show”

On Novemeber 10, PSY appeared as a guest on England ITV “The Jonathan Ross Show.”

During the show, PSY was asked about his follow-up dance after “Gangnam Style” horse dance. PSY replied, “I will give you a hint. It won’t be an animal dance this time, rather it will be a sport-style dance.”

It was the first time that the celebrity had ever mentioned about his next dance concept. Jonathan asked the singer, “Would it be something like tennis? Boxing? Darting? Fishing?” PSY didn’t answer to the question, instead he just showed up a smile.

Meanwhile, PSY was humble enough to say that he was lucky and he wouldn’t have come this far without his fans’ support. He commented, “It feels heavy on my shoulders. I am afraid that people might not fond of the next dance and the song. Though, I will try my best.”