Interview with 4Minute’s HyunA Part 2: “I Wanted People to Look at Me Favorably as a Rookie…”

HyunA, from girl group 4minute, had a chance to sit down for an interview with Yonhap News at KBS’s “Music Bank” dressing room.

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# “I Fell A Lot and Got Back Up Too”

It’s already been 6 years since her debut in the entertainment industry. She debuted with the Wonder Girls in 2007 through JYP and later moved to Cube Entertainment and came out with 4minute.

“There was some time when I had no activities after Wonder Girls, so it’s embarassing to say that it’s been 6 years. If I look back, there were a lot of fun days. However, since I’m the type to keep my worries to myself, I always had something on my mind. I wanted people to look at me favorably when I was a rookie, but that wasn’t the case. But now I see that there are more people who like me so I’m happy.”

She went on, “Even today, I went out to eat lunch and had kindergarteners point their fingers and say ‘It’s HyunA.’ I’m happy that little children and restaurant workers recognize me. I fell a lot, but because of that I was able to get back up.”

She revealed that she realizes that she is getting older. Something she thought was right a year ago, she now understands that it’s not the whole picture.

“There were painful experiences in the past, but it helped me to be stronger. Fans nicknamed me ‘HyunA’s mind is a rock’ because of my stability. Haha.”

HyunA also shared a text message her father sent her on the day of the interview.

“My father sent me a text, ‘You must live a happy life,’ I replied, ‘It’s happiness when I receive acceptance from the public for what I enjoy doing.’ He was surprised with my answer. He told me that he didn’t know his daughter grew this much.”