Manager Secretly Takes Photos of T-ara Sleeping

Earlier today, T-ara’s manager shared photos of the girls he secretly took during their flight to Japan. As previously reported, T-ara departed for Japan to start their promotions for “Sexy Love” on November 9. Photos of their departure were published on various news outlets, and now, their manager shared photos of the girls in the plane.

In the photos, the girls of T-ara are fast asleep, while leader Soyeon is seen checking out T-ara’s upcoming schedule on her cell phone. Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “Haha it looks like nothing can wake them,” “Such heavy sleepers,” “They must be exhausted,” and more

Meanwhile, T-ara has several interviews and events scheduled in twelve Japanese cities including Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and more. They will return to Korea on November 19.