[Ceci] Star’s Hair Color Recipe ft. Jessica, Kang Ji Young & More!

Celebrities always seem to have great hair, and the color of their hair is absolutely gorgeous. For those of you who were wondering how stars achieved their perfect hair color, be sure to flip through this gallery as these celebrity hair stylists share their tips and how-tos!

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Girls’ Generation’s Jessica
light brown + light brown

How To: Consistently dye your hair in a light brown shade. As the time goes by, your hair will gradually lighten. When you add another shade of light brown several months later, you’ll get a beautiful color layered effect as the various shades of light brown complement each other for a gorgeous overall effect.

Expert Tip: “You can’t achieve this look and color in just one try. Over time, we went back and forth with a light and dark shade of brown and maintained that brown glow. Your hair will feel and look dry when it’s a lighter shade, so be sure to take care of your locks with hair trearment at least once a week.” By Hee Won (Soonsoo Salon)

Son Eun Seo
deep brown + golden brown

How To: Mix brownish shades that do not have a reddish hue. You can also make your hair appear more voluminous by adding layers to your hair so that the ends naturally curl in and out.

Expert Tip: “We started by applying a darker shade of brown to her hair. Afterwards, we went in and applied a second layer, this time with a lighter shade. The two step process gave us a golden shade of brown without the reddish hue.” By Chunil (Like a Yuki)

KARA’s Kang Ji Young
bleach + shocking blue + deep blue manicure

How To: Bleach your hair three times or until the color of your hair appears to be ivory. Then apply the dark blue shade. If you are dying your hair in a dark shade, refrain from adding hair treatment as it will lighten the color. It’s also best if use shampoo and other hair products as least as possible. Instead, you should apply a hair manicure every ten days.

Expert Tip: “After we bleached her hair, we dyed it with ‘shocking blue.’ Then we treated her hair with deep blue manicure. To maintain the color, it’s important to use shampoos for color-treated hair.” By Son Eun Hee (Jungsaemmul Inspiration)

Oh Yeon Seo
red + red brown

How To: Create a reddish brown by mixing red and brown (L’Oreal Majirel 6.66 + 7.02). However, use only a quarter of the red as it’s such a bright and strong color.

Expert Tip: “You can make your hair look glossy and smooth through dying your hair. To create a luxurious red, it’s important to apply two or more different shades of red.” By Min Hye Min (Jenny House Olive)

Seo In Young 
golden brown + pink brown

How To: At first glance, this color may look like a bright golden brown; however, this color was achieved by mixing the golden brown with a pink brown. After you apply golden brown, add streaks of pink brown to add dimension to your hair. This process is also dubbed the “3D color.”

Expert Tip: “This color looks beautiful when the wind blows through your hair. This ‘3D color’ procedure helps create a voluminous effect.” By Kang Min Hae (Jungsaemmul Inspiration)