Lee Hyori Ends Her Contract With Long-Time Friend “Chum-Churum” Soju

Lee Hyori announced on Twitter about her thoughts on ending her contract with her soju company Chum-Churum (also known as “Like The First Time”). She wrote, “There were times when I did and didn’t like my face being glued onto the bottle of soju. Still, I hope that my smiling face on the commercials brought joy to some people…I thank you all so much.”

The singer had been working as a model for the Chum-Churum soju since 2007 but when her contract expires later on this month, Lee Hyori decided not to renew it.

Hyori’s close friend, designer YoniP, expressed her sorrow and said, “Even when I wasn’t drinking with you, when I saw your face on the soju bottle, it made me think about you so much and made me so happy.”

Lee Hyori’s fans also said, “Lee Hyori was the best model for soju,” “I feel so sad,” “Well, I do understand that she needs change in her career,” “Hyori, you did well” and “It would be so good if she became the face of some other alcohol brand.”

On the other hand, Lotte BG, the producer of the Chum-Churum soju, stated that for the remaining time, it will create a new video titled “Goodbye Lee Hyori” and will host a proper good-bye ceremony for the singer.