Kim Yoo Jung to Star in Lee Seung Gi’s Upcoming MV

Kim Yoo Jung showed off her shining beauty while filming for Lee Seung Gi‘s upcoming music video.

On November 8, Kim Yoo Jung posted on her minihompy, “Playing with foliage,” along with a few photos. In the photos, Kim Yoo Jung is sporting a cute school uniform and smiling in front of a gingko tree.

She also added, “Playing with foliage during filming. If only it didn’t smell like poop, the gingko tree leaves would be so pretty.”

On November 11, Kim Yoo Jung posted on her minihompy again, “Filming for a MV,” and posted a photo of her and Lee Seung Gi. She added, “Please be excited for Lee Seung Gi oppa’s new album.”

Netizens who came across those photos commented, “Are you really 14 years old? You’re so pretty,” “You are perfect material for the ‘nation’s first love,'” “I think you’re already the ‘first love icon,'” “Suzy’s position is in danger?” “You are the prettiest among child actresses,” “You’re even good at acting so there’s nothing to hate about you,” and more.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi will be making his come back for the first time in 13 months. Kim Yoo Jung has been cast for his music video as well as Park Gun Tae, who will be portraying a younger Lee Seung Gi.