Son Dam Bi Sheds Nervous “Tears” Before Her Comeback Show

Singer Son Dam Bi is receiving a lot of attention for her smart promotional skill.

On her Twitter on November 12, Son Dam Bi posted a photo of herself along with a short message, “My comeback is this week and I am so nervous.”

In the picture is Son Dam Bi with two long pieces of tissues underneath her eyes to represent her tears, which incidentally is also the title of her new song “Tears Are Falling.” On the piece of paper she is holding, it says, “Please show your support and love for my song, ‘Tears Are Falling.’” Unlike her usual sexy look, Son Dam Bi is pouting and looking adorable in the picture.

Netizens who saw this selca replied, “Even Son Dam Bi gets nervous,” “In her music video, she looks so charismatic but in this picture, she looks so cute,” “Son Dam Bi’s tear selca is a great way to promote her new song! I am so excited for your come back.”

Meanwhile, Son Dam Bi’s fourth mini album “Tears Are Falling” MV was released on November 12, and her official comeback performance will be made on Mnet’s “M! Count Down” on November 15.