So Ji Sub Is a Sexy Womanzing Spy for “High Cut” Magazine

So Ji Sub recently posed for the star style magazine “High Cut.” So Ji Sub’s concept in the pictorial is a sexy, womanizing spy, which he executed perfectly.

So Ji Sub also spoke about a variety of things such as a reappearance on the popular variety show “Infinity Challenge” and his thoughts on smart phone games.

When asked if he had any thoughts to appear on “Infinity Challenge” again, he replied, “Not at all.” He said with a laugh, “I think people viewed the episode favorably because I appeared on ‘Infinity Challenge’ just once. If I appear two or three times, I think they will change their minds quickly.”

When talking about smart phone games, So Ji Sub said, “So many people around me talked about it so I started playing too. My best score is 159,000 points,” which probably refers to the popular game, Anipang.

So Ji Sub added, “I really hate how people silently look at their phones when they’re with family, friends or lovers. Humans need physical touch to feel affection but because there is no conversation, they touch their smart phones to feel love. Don’t you think that physical contact should occur between humans?”

So Ji Sub’s “High Cut” pictorial and interview will be released on November 15 while unreleased cuts can be found on the website.