Park Han Byul Flaunts Her Long Legs in Her New Winter Pictorial

Actress Park Han Byul recently showed off her fabulous winter fashion style.

Park Han Byul, who is currently working as the model for the women’s fashion brand “Blu Pepe,” displayed modern yet still feminine looks. Winter accessories such as fur-lined coats and various leather boots were utilized.

During the photoshoot, Park Han Byul was able to flaunt her stylish fashion senses in multiple outfits. An official from the set stated that Park Han Byul was graceful and playful. With the back drop of wild grasses and hills, the photos appear contemporary and exotic at the same time. Her especially long and beautiful legs are noticeable in every picture.

Park Han Byul’s winter pictorial is now available on “Blu Pepe” homepage, catalogue, and stores nationwide.