miss A’s Suzy Becomes Narrator for “Style Log: Weekly”

On the most recent episode of onStyle “Style Log: Weekly,” miss A‘s Suzy participated in the narration recording of the show’s “Much Wanted Life” segment. In “Much Wanted Life,” Suzy joined a musician, graffiti artist, typographer, and fashion designer for this four-week long project. Along with her role as the narrator, Suzy also will take up the position of “sensibility messenger.” 

Suzy’s narration instantly garnered much attention as her lovely voice expressed the unique lively, bouncy character very well. Moreover during this project, Suzy joined Broccoli You Too‘s vocalist Yoon Duk Won in the making of the show’s theme song. Netizens commented on Suzy’s newest challenge as a narrator, “I cannot wait to hear her voice in the background,” “I am so excited for her narration in the show,” and “I wonder how the song with Broccoli You Too turned out.”