Kara’s Kang Ji Young Looked Different During Her Debut Days

Kara’s member Kang Ji Young’s photos during her debut days were released.

Recently on an online community bulletin, pictures of young Kang Ji Young were released under the title, “Kang Ji Young looked totally different when she first became a singer.”

In the picture is Kang Ji Young during her debut days when she appeared on the show “Idol Army.” Unlike her current voluptuous sexy look, Kang Ji Young looks thinner and innocent. However, her beautiful facial features haven’t changed since her younger days.

Netizens who saw the pictures praised, “Totally innocent, girly, and skinny. She was so cute,” “Now she is mature and sexy, but still adorable,” “Her face hasn’t changed at all.”

Meanwhile, Kara is currently promoting their seventh single “Electric Boy” in Japan and will be performing a concert in Tokyo Dome on January 6, 2012.