Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s Mom Wants Shin Bong Sun as Her Daughter-in-Law

Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s mother revealed that she wanted comedian Shin Bong Sun as her daughter-in-law. On yesterday’s night of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Leeteuk’s mother and sister made a special appearance and shared their thoughts about Leeteuk and his life as a celebrity.

During the episode, MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “Out of the celebrities, is there anyone you want as your daughter-in-law?” After a second, she started, “At first, I thought of Shin Bong Sun…” catching Leeteuk off guard and surprising the panel.

She explained, “She’s very friendly, and you can’t hate her. From a parent’s perspective, Shin Bong Sun is very funny, and I just really like her.” Leeteuk piped up, “Don’t I have a say in this?” to which the MCs shut him down. Shin Dong Yup exclaimed, “Marrying Shin Bong Sun is the biggest filial duty you could do for your parents,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

His mother concluded, “Jungsoo [Leeteuk’s birth name], you worked so hard until now. Think of it as a chance to sleep and eat when you’re supposed to. Be strong through your training and come back healthy.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk left for the army on October 30.