Kim Jong Gook Looked After His Older Brother for 6 Years

Singer Kim Jong Gook’s older brother, Kim Jong Myung, is a plastic surgeon and has recently confessed that his celebrity brother looked after him and paid his school tuition for 6 years.

The older brother had a chance to take part on a recent recording of SBS’s variety show “Star Couple Show,” where he revealed, “Jong Gook always said on air, ‘It’s a complex because my older brother studies really well.’ But really, he paid for my school fees and took care of me for 6 years.”

He went on, “Jong Gook takes real good care of his body. Because he doesn’t like treatments and plastic surgery, I only offer him skin treatments.”

This episode of “Star Couple Show” will be aired on November 15 at 11:15pm (KST).

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