PSY to Collaborate with Justin Bieber

The winner of Best Video awards at the 2012 MTV “Europe Music Awards” talked about the possible collaboration with teen sensation Justin Bieber. On the day of his award, PSY told the curious reporters about his next song, “The next single will be have both English and Korean, and the song will feature a famous singer.”

Both celebrities have a huge link. They share the same manager, Scooter Braun. PSY told that he is currently working on his next single. He announced that the track will include some English so that his overseas fans could follow the song easily, “When I perform, I feel happy that people cheer for me but I feel sorry because they don’t understand what I am saying.”

Meanwhile, PSY also told about his next dance move on “The Jonathan Ross Show.” The celebrity said, “The next dance will be something related to sports.”

PSY’s next single will be released in Febuary or March of 2013.