World Stars PSY vs Rain in 2010

Internet users have found the pictures of two world-stars, PSY and Rain, together in a TV show 2010. The captured photos are very interesting because in 2010, Rain was actively promoting his song in America while PSY has just returned from serving for the country.

On SBS’sClosest Friend Note,” Rain talked about his experience in the US. Meanwhile, PSY is sitting right beside Rain and he is seen very small and discouraged.

Rain mostly talked about how he worked hard to capture the attention of Hollywood. He was on a strict diet and worked out endlessly to pump up his muscles, “I believe staying fit is one of the manners to the fans.”

Netizens commented, “This is so funny!” “PSY is overgrown Rain. Who doesn’t know PSY now?” “PSY looks so cute,” and “I wonder what would happen if they meet up now!”