“Running Man”s Song Ji Hyo: “Sometimes I Don’t Want to be Paired with Gary”

Actress Song Ji Hyo shared that she’s sometimes burdened by the love line with Leessang’s Gary on SBS’s popular variety show “Running Man.”

She appeared as a guest on the recent recording of “Yoon Se Yoon and Music’s Best Friends” on MBC radio. On the “Of course… Night” corner, she talked about her ideal view on love and her thoughts on Gary. “People see a bright Ji Hyo through the variety world, but I’m very shy in real life so it’s hard to be close with people. That’s why it takes a real long time for someone to confess to me.”

After being asked about her “Monday Couple” relationship with Gary on “Running Man,” she replied, “Being paired with Gary.. there are times when I wish it stopped.”

Currently busy juggling her acting and variety show career, Song Ji Hyo confessed, “I would have stopped [variety show] if my body was really fatigued. I can put up with it for the moment” revealing her love and sacrifice for “Running Man.”

Meanwhile, her movie “Jackal is Coming” also starring JYJ’s Jae Joong will be released in theaters on November 15.