“Bridal Mask” Co-Stars Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Does This to Pass Time on Filming Set

Two good friends and actors, Joo Won and Park Ki Woong shared their secret to pass time when the production staff team is busy setting up for the next scene.

On November 13, Park Ki Woong appeared as a special guest on KBS’s “Win Win” for Joo Won’s special, proving their close bond and revealed some stories from their filming.

Joo Won revealed their secret action to get through the night. “I dance a weird dance with Park Ki Woong in front of the camera. Since we have to wait a while for the production team to prepare the next scene, we will look at each other and hold a serious expression while dancing.” The MCs asked them to display their little ritual. They danced the “weird dance” at the studio, which drew much laughter from everyone present.

Soompiers, their dance looks quite similar to Noh Hong Chul’s elevator dance in “Gangnam Style.” Not saying who copied who, but is that dance currently “in”?