Lee Hyori’s Bare Face Puts Female Idols to Shame

Are you surprised? Lee Hyori looks beautiful without any make up.

On November 13, the singer sent the bare faced pictures to designer Yoni P via Twitter with the caption, “Finished~~.” The designer tweeted back, “I’m impressed! Really pretty! When I give it to my mom she will turn into a fashionista! Thanks so much!”

In the pictures Lee Hyori shows off a knitted mint colored beanie. In one picture she is smiling brightly, not at all hiding her bare face. It seems that she knitted the beanie as a gift for the designer.

Netizens were very impressed. “Lee Hyori’s no makeup face is also perfect”, “Lee Hyori’s half-moon eyes are charming”, “Her thoughtfulness to make someone a hat is also beautiful”, and “Her innocent beauty makes the girl groups cry” were some of the comments.