Joo Won Says Kids Are Scared of Him

Actor Joo Won made a strong appearance on KBS’s “Win Win.” He showed up in a white mask, the mask he wore on his successful drama “Bridal Mask,” and performed a powerful bridal kick.

During the program, MC Lee Soo Geun mentioned “Bridal Mask” and that he was a huge fan. Joo Won replied, “The drama was quite successful, and that is why kids are scared of me. They think I am the real ‘Bridal Mask.’ They run away when I show up.”

The actor continued, “I wondered why kids would run away. The parents told me that they told the kids to behave or else ‘Bridal Mask’ will come after you.”

MC told the actor to say something to the children. Joo Won grinned and said, “Kids, ‘Bridal Mask’ is over.”

Meanwhile, Joo Won brought in the highest rating to “Win Win” with his appearance.