Lee Soo Man Sends Super Junior’s Leeteuk a Message of Support

The founding chairman of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man sent Leeteuk a text message full of wisdom before his enlistment.

On November 13, SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart” aired the second week of “Good Bye Leeteuk” special.

During the “Leeteuk’s 100 Friends” corner, the text “I’ll miss you” was sent to his 100 friends using his phone number and the studio waited to see who will respond with what kind of message.

To the surprise of many at the studio, Lee Soo Man was the first to send a reply. His message says, “Just think that in order to take on a new road, one must experience some hardship. Enjoy your time at the military and a bright future will wait for you.”

Groupmate Eunhyuk made the whole studio laugh by his imitation of Lee Soo Man while reading the heartwarming text message.

Meanwhile, other celebrities like tv personality Jung Hyung Don, Haha, singer Chaeyeon and Oh In Hye have replied to his text message.