Ex-Dal Shabet Member Viki Looks Different Now

Former member of girl group Dal Shabet, Viki, looks even more beautiful now.

On her Me2day on November 13, Viki uploaded a photo along with a massage, “My Dal Shabet sisters have come back with their new song, ‘Have, Don’t Have.’ Wish them luck! And please don’t be mean about my no makeup look.”

Viki looks very different than when she was active as a Dal Shabet member. She has lost a lot of weight and looks more feminine, unlike her past rapper look. She even appears to resemble the actress Go Joon Hee.

Netizens who saw this picture replied, “She looks so beautiful she should be an actress,” “She looks better without makeup,” “She must be very loyal to her Dal Shabet members.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet released their fifth mini album on November 13 and Viki is currently preparing for her solo album.