Leeteuk is a Leader Even in the Army

It has been reported that Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has been chosen as a company commander.

Leeteuk, who was enlisted on October 30, is currently receiving his basic training. Even among the new recruits who go through training, a company commander, platoon leader and division officer are chosen. Leeteuk has been chosen as the company commander.

Sources spoke with My Daily on November 12 and said, “A company commander or platoon leader of the newly recruits are chosen for their good personalities and actions. Soldier Park Jung Soo (Leeteuk) was probably chosen as the company commander for this reason.”

A photo of Leeteuk and his fellow recruits was revealed. Leeteuk has on a name tag with his real name, Park Jung Soo and is showing off his commander force as he is sitting right in the middle of the group. Leeteuk flashes a bright smile and extends his hand with the rest of his squad. Leeteuk, who has been considered as one of the best idol group leaders, has also become a leader in the army. It seems like his experience of leading the many members of Super Junior has helped him gain the leadership title in the army as well.

After Leeteuk receives eight weeks of basic training, he will be serving as an active-duty personnel soldier for 21 months.