Big Bang’s Fans Paralyze the Streets in Peru

On November 13, when group Big Bang arrived at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Peru for their “Alive Galaxy Tour 2012”, they received a huge welcome from thousands of their fans.

As soon as the members of Big Bang appeared in the airport, the crowd became wild. With their screams and welcoming banners, all traffics within the airport were instantly frozen.

This crazy welcome continued to their hotel, despite the fact that it was very early in the morning. To show his appreciation, Taeyang came out to the balcony to wave at his fans.

Big Bang’s popularity in Peru is undoubtedly huge. As the concert date approaches, fans have begun to camp out to buy good seats. As well, spontaneous flash mobs have occurred to Big Bang’s hit songs.

An official of the concert stated, “This is Big Bang’s first visit to Peru and the welcome has been unbelievable. None of the members have been able to go outside due to the sheer number of fans crowding the streets. Literally thousands of fans have camped outside their hotel and screamed their names.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be completing their Peru concert on November 14 and will continue to visit other countries including Hong Kong, Japan, and England.