Song Ji Hyo Explains Her Previous Comment About Gary

Song Ji Hyo clarified her comment regarding SBS “Running Man” co-star Gary during her interview with Newsen. She was originally talking about her upcoming movie “Jackal Is Coming” as well as “Running Man” in a rather cheerful manner until the reporter brought up Gary. 

When asked, “You’ve said that you don’t want to be tied with Gary, does that mean the end of ‘Monday Couple?'” Song Ji Hyo seemed disappointed. She let out a big sigh and explained, “I’ve read the news, too. It’s disconcerting. I know Gary’s not the early bird type, so I want to explain myself before he reads any of these news articles. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.” 

Previously, Song Ji Hyo made a guest appearance on MBC radio show “Yoo Se Yoon and Muzy’s Good Friends.” The show made a press release about how Song Ji Hyo confessed her true feelings about Gary. Their press release statement read, “I have a very friendly and lively character on variety TV shows, but I’m shy in reality. So it’s hard to get close to people and it takes a long time for someone to tell me that they like me.” and added, “I’ve been associated with Gary quite some time now, but I’d like that to stop now.”

The press release failed to explain Song Ji Hyo’s original comments any further and therefore, many entertainment news media outlets hastily published their news with provocative titles like “Song Ji Hyo Wants to Stop Being Associated with Gary,” “Song Ji Hyo Doesn’t Want to be Tied with Gary.” Such provocative article titles could’ve easily offended Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

Song Ji Hyo explained, “During the radio show, they induced that exact phrase from me by asking it in a certain way. I thought I was being humorous in my response. I don’t know what to do with myself with all these accusatory news articles being published everywhere. Gary and I are like a family. We’ve become so much closer since Monday Couple.” She added, “And ‘Running Man’ is more like where I meet my loving family members to have fun together rather than work or variety TV. The notion of male and female don’t exist among us anymore. I hope no one in the ‘Running Man’ family, especially Gary, thinks anything serious of my previous comment.”