First Eunhyuk Sighting Since the Scandal

On November 14, Eunhyuk made his appearance at his mother’s new bakery to greet his fans. Previously on his Twitter on November 7, which was before the selca scandal, Eunhyuk left a message, “Opening on November 14! I will see you at Tous Les Jours Bakery.” Eunhyuk has been promoting his mother’s shop, but his fans were unsure if he would come to the opening due to the recent controversy.

Eunhyuk, however, did not disappoint his fans. He was present at the bakery with his mother and welcomed his fans. On the walls of bakery were pictures of himself as well as the other members of Super Junior.

Fans that saw these recent pictures of Eunhyuk stated, “Eunhyuk looks thin,” “I wonder what he said to the fans that showed up,” “I am glad he was there with his mother. He seems ok.”

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk still hasn’t made any official statement regarding the selca of IU and himself that was posted on Twitter. Recently, two online cafes named “I-JinYo” and “I-MitSa” have been created by the Netizens who want to find out the truth about this controversial photo.