IU’s “Good Day” Chosen as Least Favorite Karaoke Song By Male College Students?

Male college students picked IU‘s “Good Day” as the #1 worst song to hear at the karaoke.

On November 14, 100 college students appeared on an episode of MBC Music “Dancing In The Golden Mic” for the 21st anniversary of Dae Jin University.

In the second round, a survey was taken for college male students. They were asked, “Which song do you hate to hear the most by a girl at the karaoke?” The results showed IU’s “Good Day” as the #1 choice.

The reason was revealed to be, “If ‘Good Day’ is not sung by IU, there is absolutely no meaning,” and “If someone other than IU sings the 3-level high notes, it becomes the 3-level roaring notes. We hate it when girls try to sing that 3-level high note part when they can’t even do it and just scream.”

Other songs that were chosen included So Chan Hwee‘s “Tears” and Big Mama‘s “Resignation.”

On the flip side, the song that female college students hate to hear from males at the karaoke included Yim Jae Bum‘s “Confession.”