Dal Shabet Reveals Second MV for “Have, Have Not”

Following Dal Shabet‘s release of their “Have” version music video for “Have, Have Not yesterday, the second version has been revealed today. Titled “Have Not,” it features a more humorous performance of the song at a market.

Since their comeback features a retro disco concept, going to a market seems to be a very unexpected choice. Many curious onlookers in the area seemed to look very confused as to what is going on. Despite all that, the girls go on interact with some of the vendors in the market.

While the first music video was the “Have” version and featured “Reply 1997‘s” Lee Si Eon, this “Have Not” version features Jungtuk and the Cheerful Men from Superstar K4.

Along with title track “Have, Have Not,” other new songs on their fifth mini album include “For Darling,” “Don’t Touch,” “Falling in Love,” and a remix of “Have, Don’t Have.” Purchase this album!