SM Entertainment Announces Official Facebook Page for Auditions

SM Entertainment revealed a video today featuring EXO-M to announce their official Facebook page for Auditions. Using EXO-M’s multilingual skills, they announce this new page in Korean, English and Mandarin.

If you visit the Facebook page at, one of the recent posts gives instructions on how to do an email audition.

I would like to take an e-mail audition. What should I send to you?

To apply for an audition, you need to send us your photo as well as a video or a demonstration file. (Attach your video file (Dancing), music file (Singing) and face-shots (frontal) photos without any photoshop/retouching done.) You also need to provide us the following information.

1. Name/Sex
2. Area of Application
3. Date of Birth
4. School
5. Place of Residence
6. Contact Information (1) Cellular Phone (2) E-mail
7. Experience

Please send your application to here!
U.S.A –
Overseas –

When you send the application, tiles of e-mail should be name/age/gender/category (ex. Jenny/18/Female/singer)

I applied to e-mail audition. When do I hear the results?

E-mail audition results will be notified individually to only those who were qualified.

For those in Korea, an open audition is held every Saturday starting from 2 pm. Anyone is allowed to apply for our auditions regardless of ethnicity, age or gender. You do not need to do anything else beforehand.

Anyone plan on auditioning? This could be your chance to get into the K-Pop world!