Flawless Actor Won Bin Spotted in Subway Station

Heavenly handsome actor Won Bin was pictured taking the subway. On a recent online community page, several photos titled ”Won Bin showed up in Yangpyeong Station, line No. 5.”

In the pictures, Won Bin was surrounded by bodyguards as well as from numerous fans. Although he was only wearing a plain padding jacket, he looked immaculately good.

Netizens who saw the pictures wrote, “He shines no matter what he wears,” and “Wow, the final touch to fashion is really the face.”

As well as being the nation’s number one favorite actor due to his dreamy looks and award-winning acting skills, Won Bin was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador of the Korean Committee in 2007. From then on, the actor participated in various programs and charity events, and often travelled to third-world countries to volunteer in aiding malnourished kids.