f(x)’s Luna Shows Off Her Pretty Twin Sister

f(x)’s Luna revealed her just as pretty twin sister on her Me2day.

On November 13, she put up the picture with the caption, “My triplet Jin Sun Hee. The pretty girls that have been by my side since I was a child. Today I am suddenly nostalgic for my Elementary school days.”

The picture is a collage of several photos of her, her twin sister Park Jin Young, and a close friend. In the pictures the girls are smile brightly with cute expressions, and it is easy to see that the three of them are very close. Luna’s twin sister is noticeably just as pretty as her sister.

Netizens also noticed the Park family’s superior genes. “Luna’s has cute genes”, “I want to be good friends with Luna too”, and “Luna’s smile is so cute” were some of the comments.