Celebrity Candid Moments in K-Pop This Week!

SNS is a great tool for celebrities to communicate with their fans and show them a candid moment of their everyday lives. Click through to see this week’s top celebrity candid photos, and make sure you follow Soompi on Twitter and Facebook!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon asked his fans, “How would I look with a mustache?”

On November 11, Heidi Klum posed “Gangnam Style” with PSY and tweeted, “Now I know how to dance ‘Gangnam Style. Check it out.” 

Son Dambi expressed her nervousness for her comeback, tweeting, “I’m nervous about my comeback performance this week~~~Hehe.” In the photo, she held up a sign read, “Dripping tears. Please give lots of love~ <3 –Son Dambi-“

Sandara celebrated her 28th birthday with fellow 2NE1 members and close friend Jeremy Scott.

IU snapped a cozy selca with what looks to be a shirtless Eunhyuk in bed, sending shockwaves throughout Korea. 

On November 13, Oh Yeon Seo wrote on her me2day, “Cute Changsoonie and Malsoonie, and also Cahngseonui and Haetnuimi kekekeke Please watch [WGM] this week! <3<3<3<3” and attached a photo of herself with Lee Joon and two chicks.

Lee Hyori puts other female celebrities to shame with her flawless bare face.

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim shared, “With my lovely sister, Sun!”

Big Bang’s Taeyang updated his fans on his whereabouts by tweeting, “Hola Peru.”

Park Shin Hye celebrated Seoul’s first snow with a tweet and photo. She wrote, “After the shooting of the show Running Man, our company members and I all went out to spend some good time together. But hey everyone, did you guys see? There was the first snow. It was short but I was happy to see the first snow with the people I love. I was really happy.”

MBLAQ’s Mir updated his Twitter for the first time in a month with a photo and tweet, “I’m alive…ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

miss A’s Min shared a kodak moment with Hwang Min Woo, also known as little PSY.

2NE1’s Sandara revealed a photo of her special birthday present, posting, “My great friend Jeremy Scott gave me a birthday present! These are the only pink wing sneakers in the world! I love wing sneakers so much and they are pink and the only one in the world! I’m so touched. I will take a good care of them!”

On November 12, 2AM’s Jo Kwon wore a mustache and tweeted, “I get upbeat whenever I go to the airport because there are always fans welcoming me.”

4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun tweeted a set of four gorgeous selcas taken right before her performance at the “2012 SBS K-Pop Super Concert in America”. She wrote, “I am at our concert in US. I just got my makeup done and am feeling great. A thought suddenly popped in my head just now. What would be the traditional Korean word for the term selca? ‘Taking picture of oneself?’ Haha. I will wait for your answers!” 

Former Dal Shabet member Viki supported her old group with a photo and the message “My Dal Shabet sisters have come back with their new song, ‘Have, Don’t Have.’ Wish them luck! And please don’t be mean about my no makeup look.”

On November 15, Kim So Hyun unveiled a new photo of herself looking remarkably like Yoon Eun Hye. The child actress tweeted, “Who do she look like?? I was taking a photo for one of the sponsors when wow! Surprising photo…At first, I thought it was Yoon Eun Hye unnie, who I met a couple days ago!!! Don’t you think so?”