Interview with SISTAR’s Bora Part 1: “My Childhood Dream Was to Become a Pianist”

SISTAR’s resident unni, Bora had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview. She talked about her childhood dreams and how she fell in love with dance.

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I Started Dancing

My childhood dream was to be a pianist. I love the piano and was fascinated by touching the instrument. Now to think about it, I really enjoyed being able to produce a variety of sounds. Back then, I thought about being a person who plays the piano. Pianist! That was my first dream.

My second dream is become a ballerina! I started learning ballet during elementary school by chance. I worked really hard to be a ballerina from 3rd grade to junior high. However, things got tough at home and I had to fold my dreams. Sometimes I’ll ponder what would’ve happened if I continued with ballet.

I participated in a dance club after school during high school. I felt like I entered a new world.

I became really motivated and would practice after school by myself. I wouldn’t miss the chance to participate in dance festivals held at my school and perform on stage. It’s probably since then.. when I danced on stage, that I became the happiest person on earth and dance became my life.

That’s how I fell in love with dance and it carried all the way through college. Right when I entered college, I chose to be in the musical department. Ballet, contemporary dance, Korean traditional dance, hip hop, musical dance, tap dance, pole dance, sports dance etc, I became greedy. I had friends who would wonder “What do I need to do in order to dance well?” but I will tell them to just enjoy!

The love of dance gave me such a wonderful gift. It’s “SISTAR.” To be able to dance on stage as a member of SISTAR, it’s like I have the whole world. It’s through dance that I was able to meet STAR1 fans and receive love from the public. And my passion and love for dance will not end in the future. Forever~~!