Juniel to Help Campaign Awareness for Disabled Citizens

Rookie Singer Juniel will be promoting the Gray Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness for disabled citizens.

Juniel will work with “STAR News” to promote the campaign through an interview on Youtube and the Korean Welfare Foundation website. She is the youngest celebrity to participate in a national campaign.

Juniel had this to say about the Gray Ribbon Campaign: “Before I only knew about this through documentaries or books, but now I have the honor of working directly with the Gray Ribbon Campaign and it gives me joy.” She even wore a gray ribbon to show her support.

In the interview, Juniel also told a heartwarming story about how she had an experience with the welfare system through a childhood friend.

Juniel will have a comeback with a mini album on November 20. She is also nominated for Best Rookie Female Singer for the 2012 MAMA awards.