Product Placement on “Nice Guy” Irritates Viewers

While the plot for “Nice Guy” continues to thicken and characters are shuffled into place for the big reveal, (can you believe it’s almost ending?), netizens just want to enjoy a good finish to a good story and not be bombarded with ads. But ads they get via “product placements,” which are indeed quite distracting.

In the 19th episode, which was aired on November 14, Seo Eun Ki (Moon Chae Won) used her phone to check on a CCTV footage. The camera does a close up on the phone and shows her step by step process of capturing an important image with the stylus. Afterwards, she goes back to the homepage to reveal the phone’s brand and model.

Previous episodes placed products from sponsors into the story. Seo Eun Ki ate a specific brand’s fried chicken and a close up of her outdoor wear revealed a specific brand as well.

Netizens voiced their opinion commented, “To think someone’s life is on the line and you included product placements. The writer is too much. You could’ve done it with wits,” “Thought I was watching a comedy for a second because I busted out laughing,” “Is this a forced ad? I wanted to throw that phone.”

Soompiers, are netizens right that product placements lowers the authenticity of the plot or are they overreacting?