Block B Reveals Which Girl Groups They Would Scout

On November 14, Block B made a guest appearance on SBS Radio Power FM 107.7 MHZ  “Boom’s Young Street” to promote their first full-length album 

When radio DJ Boom asked the group, “If any, which girl group would you scout and recruit?” to which member Jae Hyo replied, “APink and Girl’s Day.” Radio DJ Boom confessed, “I really like Son Na Eun from APink.” Jae Hyo also chimed in that he also picked Son Na Eun as his favorite member from .. 

Block B members also named off different groups such as Jewelry, EXID and Kara. Block B member Park Kyung even went on to say, “To be frank, I like them all.” Each member also took turns confessing to one another which members from among these girl groups they harbored crushes for. 

During the guest segment, Block B also shared with the listeners their past experiences as a student, fondly recalling each memory.

Block B member Zico himself composed the lyrics to their latest hit track, “Nillili Mambo“, which carries quite the intoxicating melody that combines the rapping and vocal talent of members that get your feet moving and head bobbing to the beat. 

Check out their latest single, “Nillili Mambo” below!