miss A’s Suzy Reveals Her Drawing Skills

Suzy, from miss A, shares her drawings to the public.

On November 14, she appeared on variety show “Weekly Idol” in the “Idol Prohibition” corner surprising the staff and MCs with her drawing skills.

On this day, Suzy explained, “I wanted to be an artist when I was younger.” Right after her comment, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked if she could draw caricatures of them. Because they asked earnestly, she decided to give it a shot and spent the next few minutes focused on the drawings.

After she finished, Suzy revealed the caricatures to the MCs.. MC Jung Hyung Don said, “You drew it well. We’ll use this in our next album.” She replied, “Man, that’ll be daebak. But how much will I get?” drawing laughter from the studio.

Netizens who saw the drawings praised, “What can’t Suzy do?” “Man, life is unfair,” “Jung Hyung Don and Defconn must look scary to Suzy.”