Mnet M! Countdown – November 15, 2012
‘Monster Rookie’ Lee Hi strikes again! In a battle between two young female soloists, Lee Hi and Ailee, last week’s winner Hi came out on top for the second week, earning her ‘Monster Rookie’ title!

Comebacks for the night: B1A4, C-Clown, Park Jung Min, A-Jax, Dal Shabet and Son Dam Bi!
Debuts: The SeeYa
Special Stage: Natthew (Thai idol)

Check out tonight’s performances below!


Lee Hi “1, 2, 3, 4”

Son Dam Bi “Dripping Tears”

Miss A “I don’t need a man”

Hyuna “Ice Cream”

B1A4 “Tried to walk”

Kim Jong Kook

Natthew “She’s Bad”

Park Jung Min “Beautiful”

Epik High “Don’t Hate Me”

Dal Shabet “Have, don’t have”

A-Jax “2MYK”

AOA “Get out”

Roh Ji Hoon “Punishment”

The SeeYa “Be with you”

C-Clown “Far away young love”

Ailee “I’ll show U”

Wonder Boyz – Open The Door

 Aille vs Lee Hi

10 to 3

20 to 11

30 to 21

 Backstage with Son Dam Bi, B1A4 Ailee, Lee Hi

Backstage with Son Dam Bi, Dal Shabet, B1A4