G. NA’s Most Recent Selca

On her Twitter on November 11, singer G. NA uploaded a selca along with a message, “This really is my last picture. Check out my expression. Hope you have a great day!”

In the picture is G. NA smiling and wearing a loose pink knitted sweater that shows off her shoulder. With her pink cheeks, long hair, and flawless skin, she looks girly and adorable. In addition, she is playfully biting her tongue and therefore also giving off her naturally sexy vibe.

Netizens who saw this selca replied, “G. NA is so sexy,” “Where can I get a girlfriend like her?” “Pink looks good on you,” “I can’t believe she is in her mid-20’s; she looks so young,” and “Really pretty.”

Meanwhile, G. NA gave a lecture on K-Pop last month at the Pepperdine University in California. She also participated in KBS’s “23rd Marine Corps Music Concert” that took place in Seoul on November 14.