A Look Inside an Actress’s Home + Secret Diet for Amazing Body Line

Actress Choi Yeo Jin reveals her house to the public for the first time since her debut 10 years ago.

As the MC for beauty talk show program “Selfless Beauty Talk Follow Me,” Choi Yeo Jin decided to reveal her place to the viewers. Known as a fashionista, she didn’t disappoint with the simple white and black interior.

She shared that the secret to a low-cost great looking interior is DIY (Do It Yourself). She had the freedom to hand pick and fashion the furniture she liked and painted the walls. It took about 1 month to finish.

Choi Yeo Jin commented, “I think it’s very meaningful to introduce my house as the MC for the program ‘Follow Me.’ The reason I haven’t been able to show my house before is because my place is just ordinary, not living up to people’s fantasy of a grand house. Even though my house isn’t big, I’m quite attached to it since I thought about each furniture and object to be placed inside and painted the place.”

She also revealed her secret to maintaining her great figure. Choi Yeo Jin previously worked as a fashion model and would eat one meal every two days, but revealed that even though she lost weight she also lost her health as well.

Therefore, she decided to eat a lot during the morning. “I would eat Korean foods like stew for breakfast and would sometimes grill meat as well. And no matter how busy I am attending to schedules, I diligently did yoga for the past 6 years. It helped with firming my body and creating beautiful lines.”