Han Ji Min Becomes The Narrator For The Movie “Ending Note”

Actress Han Ji Min is to become the narrator for the upcoming movie “Ending Note.” This movie is in the concept of “barrier-free,” meaning that it is suitable for handicaps who have visual or hearing impairments as it possesses both Korean subtitles and advanced audio explanations.

“It was good that I was able to observe life and family issues through a whole new perspective. Though the movie contained sad stories, it also had fun accounts so I laughed a lot as well. I hope that the audience gets touched in some way or another through my narration. I was happy that I was able to be part of something so special,” said Han Ji Min.

The director of the movie, Kim Jin Ho, also expressed, “Han Ji Min’s gentle and warm voice helped improved the movie’s overall atmosphere and I think that the audience will enjoy it too.”

The movie centers on a hard-working salaryman who looks forward to a new chapter in his life after his retirement. Alas, he hears the unfortunate news that he has terminal cancer and decides to spend his last remaining days to the fullest.

The movie will be released on November 29.